PRO-MEASURES™ offers a premium range of plastic measuring products for commercial use. From jugs and scoops to buckets and cylinders, our products ensure you accuracy every time. Whether you work with liquids, powders, kibbles or granules, you’ll find a PRO-MEASURES™ product to suit. Our entire range is made from food-grade polypropylene making it safe for a range of industries and environments from hospitality to agriculture and science.

Lifetime Product Guarantee

All PRO-MEASURES™ products are covered for manufacturing defects by our lifetime guarantee.

100% NZ Made

Proudly designed and manufactured in New Zealand, 100% locally owned and operated, with a global reach.

Environmentally Friendly

We manufacture to the highest environmental management systems and package in 100% recyclable materials.

Food Grade & Chemical Resistant

Suitable and safe for medical and chemical environments, agriculture, animal health, food and hospitality.

Defining accuracy for leading brands since 2001