Your Brand in Your Customers Hands!

People everywhere love their pets so it’s no surprise that the pet care industry is a growing industry worldwide. One of NZ’s largest pet food companies, Masterpet, came to us to brand a range of PRO-MEASURES™ scoops to include with their products. Logo, web address and brand colours turned the scoops into an effective marketing tool while at the same time, helping their customers use the Masterpet product in the correct way.

They are one of many such companies to realise how useful these types of products can be. Not only are they practical, they help your product be correctly dispensed & all the time it is keeping your name in your customers hands!

As Masterpet said… “We use custom branding on the PRO-MEASURES measuring cups we have for our pet food products. As well as promoting our brand, it helps our customers to use our product effectively and provide their pets with the correct quantities of food every time.”

PRO-BRAND™ is our customisation service that allows you to print our products with your brand logo, colours, company details and unique measure increments. Our entire range can be printed in this way. It is a great option to give your brand higher visibility while measuring your products with accuracy.

We can get your brand in your customers hands with branded measuring jugs, scoops & buckets.

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