What Are Lid Spanners Used For?

20 October 2022

Plastic Container Opener Tool Durable Plastic Lid Spanner Custom Lid Spanner Branded Lid Spanner

Have you ever wondered what a lid spanner is used for? Well, if you’re looking to open lids on plastic containers and jerry cans or tighten the caps of your containers, so nothing spills out during movement and transportation, then lid spanners are the perfect product for you to get your hands on. They’re used to open and close containers with ease & correct tightness. Security seals are often hard to break & lids can be difficult to undo without hurting your hand; Pro-Lid Spanner solves both these issues.

Our PRO-LID SPANNER aims to be the best lid spanner on the market with its three sizes to be compatible with a range of containers for all of your needs – it can even be used to undo & tighten recessed bungs on containers and drums through our two-pronged attachment.

Here’s a rundown of all the details you need to be aware of with the uses and benefits of our PRO-LID SPANNER:


Made for Longevity

Our PRO-LID SPANNER is made to withstand plenty of usages, as we know how handy a tool can be for businesses and consumers. We’ve made sure that it’s as durable as possible by using rugged food-grade reinforced polypropylene plastic, which is intended to withstand industrial use.

That means no matter how much use you’ll need out of your lid spanners. Our PRO-LID SPANNER will be sure to get the job done time and time again. It’s also 100% New Zealand-made and is suitable for medical and chemical environments, as well as agriculture, animal health, food and hospitality industries.



Our PRO-LID SPANNER can be customised to meet any specific lid size you may require. That means if you or your business works with containers that have non-standard sizing, you can request a customised version of our lid spanner to fit perfectly for your needs.

The customizability options don’t stop there either; you can even customise our lid spanners with your own brand by incorporating your logo and company colours. This is sure to give your brand a sense of professionalism and a special touch that you won’t find elsewhere on the market.

One of our clients who used our branding customisation on the PRO-LID SPANNER had this to say:

“The pro-lid Spanner is a great promotional item for customers. It’s practical as well as perfect for getting our name in our customers’ hands!”


If you’re looking for the best lid spanner on the market, look no further than our PRO-LID SPANNER. With the ability to customise your spanner with unique increments for any of your container needs, as well as your own company branding, you can ensure you’ll have a lid spanner that functions well and stands out too!

Constructed with durability and longevity as a priority, the PRO-LID SPANNER is also sure to last you a long time and will be able to withstand plenty of use on an industrial scale due to its rugged plastic composure – a match that with strength with your own custom branding and you have the perfect product for opening and tightening containers for your customers and business!