Plastic Measuring Cups and Scoops for Pet Food

At Pro-Measures, we manufacture an array of premium measuring products that are suitable for materials with different properties ranging from liquids to kibbles. As such, we design and manufacture measuring cups for the pet food industry.

The best way to get your name in your customers hands while it helps your customers to use the product effectively.

Pet Food Scoop

Our Products at a Glance

We feature a wide array of plastic measuring products for pet food. These include scoops, cylinders, jugs and buckets that are made from food-grade and chemical-resistant polypropylene. Pet owners can rest assured that these plastic products are safe and durable.

What Our Products Are For

From liquids to dog kibbles, you can count on our pet food measuring products that ensure accuracy every time. These products make sure that dogs, cats and other animals are being fed a precise amount of food.

Plastic Measuring Scoops
line art of double ended scoop

Product Features

On top of being accurate and hard-wearing, our products are environmentally friendly. We have sugar cane & bamboo based biopolymers as options as well. We use the highest environmental management systems and our packaging is made from recyclable materials.

Our plastic measuring cups and scoops for pet food have a lifetime guarantee for manufacturing defects. If you have any unique requirements for pet food measuring products, let us know and request a free quote today.