Premium Measuring Products for Industrial Chemicals

From school experiments that require relatively small amounts of chemicals to industrial purposes that require larger volumes, one thing remains constant: the need for accurate measuring products to ensure safety and reliable results. At Pro-Measures, we design and manufacture premium measuring products that are suitable for a
wide variety of industrial chemicals.

buckets, scoops, measuring cylinders, spanners and jugs
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Our Products at a Glance

At Pro-Measures, we have an array of premium measuring jugs, scoops, buckets, cylinders and lid spanners for chemicals used across many industries. Our products are made from food-grade and chemical-resistant polypropylene to ensure safety and predictable outcomes. These products come in different sizes.

What Our Products Are For

Whether you need small measuring scoops or large measuring cylinders for industrial chemicals, you can count on the accuracy of our premium products. They are made from chemical-grade plastic so you can be sure that they are suitable for different forms of chemicals, from liquid to powder and granules.

Plastic Measuring Jugs
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Ecologically Sound

In addition to being robust and safe for chemical use, our plastic measuring products are environmentally friendly. This includes biopolymers made from sugar cane & bamboo which are biodegradable & compostable. We maximise environmental management systems and use packaging made from recyclable materials for all our products. They are also proudly designed and manufactured in New Zealand.

Our premium measuring products have a lifetime product guarantee for manufacturing defects. Let us know your unique requirements in measuring industrial chemicals and request a quote for our products today.