Plastic Measuring Products for the Food Industry

The food industry requires equipment and utensils that provide accurate measurements. As such, measuring cups and spoons will always be a constant in the industry. At Pro-Measures, we design and manufacture premium measuring products that are accurate and robust.

Plastic Measuring Scoops
Pro Tab Long Handle

Our Products at a Glance

We feature a wide range of premium products that are significant to the food industry. These include plastic measuring buckets, cylinders, jugs, scoops and lid spanners. All products are made from food-grade and chemical-resistant polypropylene that is safe for your sector. Our products are designed for an easy grip, controlled pouring so there will be less spillage of ingredients.

What Our Products Are For

From medium sized measuring cups and scoops for smaller scale operations to large buckets and cylinders for more industrial use, all our products ensure accuracy of measurement in the food sector. They are suitable for handling different types of liquids as well as all forms of powders and granules. You can rest assured that they can handle your commercial applications.

plastic measuring buckets
line art of a scoop with a base based handle

Product Features

We are a NZ based company that manufactures in NZ plastic measuring products for the food industry. In addition to being made from food-grade plastic, they are made using environmental management systems and packaged in recyclable materials. You can be sure of the durability of our products.

Our premium measuring products are backed by a lifetime guarantee for manufacturing defects. Tell us your requirements for plastic measuring products and request a quote today.