Environmentally Friendly

30 August 2019

There is a lot of conversation currently around plastic & the world waste cycle. At Pro-Measures we are acutely aware of the need to be a responsible supplier.

We use only FDA/EU certified food grade virgin polymer in our products. Our supply chain ensures they are traceable & from reputable manufacturers. All our products are fully recyclable.

As part of a wider long-term strategy, Pro-Measures is currently experimenting with other manufacturing mediums such as sugarcane-based polymers as well as bamboo & paper-based materials.

This will give our customers a full range of environmentally suitable options for measuring scoops & jugs. There are some restrictions between materials & it is needed to look at what the actual need of the product is. Single use for instance or maybe long-term value-added premium product that is not actually a “throw away” item.

The recycling systems in the user’s location is also important, for instance is curb side available & what type of materials they accept.

Pro-Measures would love to hear your concerns & requirements. Work with us to develop a solution to your future measuring product needs.

Please contact us at info@pro-measures.co.nz