Bin it in a good way!

EUKANUBA working dog food keeps hundreds of farm dogs full of energy as they run, pant & bark their way across farms all over New Zealand.

Farmer’s buy the bags of kibbles in bulk & store it, drawing off daily requirements. However, the food is also attractive to rats & mice & other rodents so storage against pests is a must!

Pro-Measures manufacture industrial measuring products, including EUKANUBA graduated branded measuring scoops so when a large rodent proof storage container was needed the Team at EUKANUBA asked Pro-Measures for a solution.

Utilising a 240-litre bin, Pro-Measures brand the front of the bin with EUKANUBA as well as a blue coloured lid. Mounted on wheels the bin can easily be moved about & holds a delicious amount of dog food!

Coupled with the branded measuring scoop the bins are keeping the EUKANUBA brand in the hands of farmers country wide.

We can get your brand in your customers hands with branded measuring jugs, scoops & buckets.

Industrial Measuring Products – Pro-Measures are your people!