Design and Manufacture of Plastic Measuring Products

01 September 2022
Custom Moulding Service

Maybe you’re a pet food company looking to solidify your brand, or perhaps you’re a cooking subscription business trying to make your name in the world. Whatever your desires may be, having unique custom measuring products could be the ultimate key to getting your brand name known and giving you the edge against your competitors.

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to have your own custom-designed plastic measuring products. For brands, it’s an ideal way to establish your identity and give your business a sense of professionalism and reliability. It looks great too! Here are the benefits of custom-designed measuring products manufactured by PRO-MOULD:

Brand Association:

The first reason you might want to have a custom-designed PRO-MOULD measuring product is for brand recognition and association. Our products can be customised to integrate your logo and colour scheme so that consumers can recognise the products as one of your own. This will be sure to elevate your brand and give it a sense of professionalism that is sure to set it aside from competitors.

By having custom-designed measuring products with your brand identity, you’re also ensuring that a link is made between your brand and the consumer. This will make consumers far more likely to have your brand come to mind when looking for products in your niche.

Unique Measure Increments:

Another great reason to customise your plastic measuring products with PRO-MOULD is that our manufacturing process allows you to use unique measuring increments. Perhaps you have a specific formula for the product you sell that requires non-traditional measurement increments that can’t be seen on any other item. Or maybe you’re just looking to give your measuring products a boost over the others on the market.

Whatever the reason may be, using unique measure increments can be a great way to make use of our services and give your measuring products an edge over your competitors.


 If you’re looking for customised products that are durable as well as cost-effective, you’ll be stretched to find anything better than PRO-MOULD’s custom products. We guarantee long-lasting branding through our hot foil and screen printing. These processes will ensure that your brand image lasts on our products no matter their use.

We’ve also been putting in the effort to make sure that our design process is simple and cost-efficient. From image design and proofing to printing and delivery, we will be there every step to ensure you receive the perfect product. We’ll even store your artwork so you can order with ease!


Using custom measuring products manufactured by PRO-MOULD can be the perfect way to set your brand apart, whether it be for a customer product or a promotional tool. Custom measuring products offer you strong brand recognition and unique measure increments, which will all be printed on a durable product.

If you’re looking for unique plastic measuring products designed by a company that knows what they’re doing, look no further than PRO-MOULD.