Industrial and Chemical Measuring Equipment

02 August 2022
Industrial and Chemical Cylinders

If you need to measure chemicals but have found yourself questioning whether your regular old measuring jugs will be able to withstand the materials you plan to put in them, you’re right to be concerned. Unfortunately, plenty of common measuring jugs aren’t intended for industrial and chemical use, and using them for these purposes can be a disaster! So it’s always important for your safety to use industrial-grade measuring equipment that can withstand chemicals.

That’s why we’re always aiming to make things easier for you at PRO-MEASURES. We have a range of premium measuring products for industrial chemicals that will suit any of your needs. So whether you’re a teacher looking to measure some chemicals for a school experiment or need industrial measuring equipment for large volumes of chemicals, we’ve got you covered! We offer plenty of accurate industrial and chemical measuring equipment for a range of different applications.

Our Products

 From measuring jugs, scoops, buckets, and cylinders to lid spanners, you’d be hard-pressed to find chemical measuring equipment that is as accurate and effective as ours! In addition, we’ve made sure that all of our products are made with food-grade, chemical-resistant polypropylene. This means you can have confidence in our products being able to withstand anything you throw at them (or in them!), Including a wide variety of industrial chemicals.

Care to test for yourself? We have so much confidence in our chemical measuring products that we even have a lifetime guarantee that covers all manufacturing defects.

A tried and tested staple in classrooms and industrial settings alike, our products are guaranteed to withstand chemical interaction with ease, putting your safety first. When dealing with chemical measuring equipment, we also know how important it is to get the right measurements and that plenty of measuring jugs on the market falsely advertise what they measure. That’s why we’ve also ensured that our products provide accurate measurements for granules, liquids, and solids alike by using only the most premium quality materials and product testing.

The benefits of our industrial measuring equipment don’t stop there! We’ve even gone the extra step of making sure that all of our measuring equipment is ecologically sound – we produce our products right here in New Zealand, and our biopolymers are created with natural, biodegradable materials, namely sugar cane & bamboo.

On top of that, the packaging for all our products is made out of recyclable materials. This way, you can measure chemicals with ease while knowing that you’re using environmentally friendly products.


 Anyone looking for industrial-grade measuring equipment that can withstand a host of chemicals will be hard-pressed to find a better product than those offered through the PRO-MEASURES range. Our industrial measuring equipment is the perfect option for anyone looking to measure chemicals, whether on a small scale or in an industrial setting.

With premium quality products and environmentally friendly materials, you can rest assured that our products will measure your chemicals with maximum accuracy and withstand the test of time.