Are Measuring Jugs Designed to be Heated?

29 April 2022
Are measuring jugs designed for the microwave?

Plastic jugs are an excellent tool for measuring volume in the kitchen, but there may be times when you want to heat the substances that you have measured. There are many different types of materials when it comes to measuring jugs, and knowing what kind of jug you own is essential to figuring out whether it can withstand hot temperatures.

We detail below everything you need to know about whether measuring jugs are designed to be heated:

Does Your Plastic Jug Contain BPA?

 The most common types of plastic jugs are made of PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP and PS plastics. The most significant thing to look out for when considering whether you can heat a jug is whether it contains BPA.

BPA stands for bisphenol A and is an industrial chemical widely used in plastic materials and is in many of the plastic materials listed above. Research has highlighted that BPA can potentially seep into food and beverages, potentially causing negative health effects on the brain, blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

Low BPA products are deemed safe to use, but this is at regular room temperature. When you heat up BPA products, this accelerates the release of the harmful chemical, thus making the adverse side effects significantly more dangerous.

What to Look for In a Heat-Resistant Plastic Jug

 Out of all standard plastic jug materials, PP or polypropylene plastics are the only materials that are generally considered BPA free, meaning they are safe to heat without any worry about adverse side effects.

 To make sure you pick the perfect jug for withstanding heat, look out for measuring jugs that are made out of food-grade polypropylene. This will ensure that they are safe and that no harmful chemicals are released when they are heated.

Polypropylene can withstand temperatures of over 100 degrees Celsius, with a boiling point of 130 degrees Celsius. This marks them as an excellent choice for heating and reheating products safely. It is also safe to reuse after heating, making it the best option for heat resistant measuring jugs.

Pro-Measures plastic jugs are BPA free and made out of premium range food-grade polypropylene. This makes them perfect for heating up in appliances such as microwaves. As well as this, they can be heated in microwaves without absorbing any radiation energy due to their high softening points. This means you can safely employ them to heat and reheat any safe foods.

Be careful when using a microwave and make sure your plastic jug is not too thin as overheating may soften it. Try avoiding high fat and sugar contents as these typically have higher boiling points which may cause the jug to soften or melt underuse.


 If you are concerned about whether your measuring jug is built to withstand heat, it’s always important to check the material it is made from. If your measuring jug is made from food-grade polypropylene plastics, then it will be BPA free and safe for heating, as it will not release any harmful chemicals in the process.

Polypropylene measuring jugs are specifically designed to withstand the hot temperatures required for heating and reheating food. Look no further than the Pro-Measures range of measuring jugs if you are looking for durable and heat resistant plastic measuring jugs for your kitchen needs!