Are our measuring jugs accurate?

01 April 2022
Accurate Measuring Jugs

We measure things very often, be it baking ingredients, our height, chemicals, medicines and so on. And we always rely on our measuring tools to be accurate. However, in order to do that, we need to ensure that they are properly calibrated. This offers us the guarantee that everything is accurate and that there are no problems to deal with. Which does bring the question, why is calibration so important?

The role of calibration

Calibration is a process that assures us the measuring jug is working properly and all measurements maintain a high level of accuracy. The reality is that if your measuring jug is not calibrated, it’s not always going to be accurate. Sure, even if the differences are not major, there will still be some differences, and that’s something that you want to avoid in a commercial setting.

The main role of calibration is to define the quality and accuracy of measuring equipment. It’s also identifying the measurement traceability as well. Not only does calibration focus on adjusting the measuring jugs, for example, it might also include repairs for that device if needed.

Does a measuring jug need calibration as time goes by?

Yes, over time there’s always a tendency for some of these results to drift a little bit. That’s due to various parameters, especially things like humidity and temperature. The main role of calibration is to remove any inaccuracies. This process helps ensure that all errors are kept within acceptable levels and that there are no issues.

Why does this matter for your business?

Whether you have a manufacturing or food business, the benefits of fully calibrated measuring jugs are obvious. Any calibration problems lead to inaccurate measurements and those can have a very negative impact on your reputation. If calibration ends up costing your customers more money or developing inconsistencies in their work then they will try to find an alternative. Not only that, but in the case of manufacturing, improper calibration can lead to injury or environmental disasters depending on the product. That’s why you always want your equipment to be properly calibrated, regardless of its nature.

Are there any advantages that come from calibrating products?

Yes, you get lower error margins, not to mention you get reliable testing and measurements every use. You also get to keep costs low for your customers and ensure your reputation is always at the highest level. Plus, calibration might even help lower the need for any recalls and improve your profits in the long run. In addition, you will also be able to extend the overall lifetime and reliability of your equipment.

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