Robust Plastic Measuring Products for Every Industry

30 July 2021
hand holding 1 litre measuring jug half full with orange liquid

The world of containers and measuring products has transformed over the last century. We moved from expensive, often heavy containers in the early 20th century to cheap, light, and versatile single-use plastics late in the century. Today, again we are seeing a change as we now know the damage single-use plastics do to our environment. Our Pro Measures products have evolved to serve a wide range of industries, endure heavy use, and be recyclable.

Read on to learn about the ways our Pro Measures products are being used in industries and businesses like yours.


The Food & Drink Industry

Our Pro Measures plastic measuring products are the ideal tools for the Food and Drink Industry at all levels. It is an industry that requires accurate measurements every time to produce replicable nutritional information and quality, especially in areas like baking where even a slightly different measurement can produce a very different result. Our premium measuring products offer supreme accuracy and ensure long-term use. Here are some of the most common uses:

  • Hospitality – Hotels and restaurants need to provide customers with consistent high-quality, and that requires accurate measurements time after time. Our food-grade polypropylene is safe, robust, and recyclable, with easy-grip handles so chefs and industry professionals can work quickly and accurately with a lower risk of spillage.


  • Food Production (Ingredients) – Whether you are a bakery, brewery or even an ice cream manufacture, the world needs to move away from single-use plastic, and so we are starting to see alternatives to packaged food and ingredients. We are moving toward reusable containers and serve-yourself products. Our measuring products make it possible for your employees or customers to serve themselves accurately.
  • Household – We need accurate measuring devices in our own kitchens just as much as in industrial kitchens, and providing your customers with accurate, branded measuring devices they can use with your products is not only a great way to ensure your customers see great results, but also keep your brand in your customer’s kitchen.


Industrial Chemicals

Industrial chemicals need careful handling and precision measuring, and our Pro Measures products can provide this in all applications. From school science experiments to industrial testing and applications, our products offer the needed accuracy for a wide range of chemicals. Our products are designed to withstand heavy use but are also recyclable and our biopolymers, made from bamboo and sugar cane, are even compostable and so are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Here are some of the most common applications:

  • Science – From classroom applications to laboratory settings, our eco-friendly measuring products make it easy to get accurate measurements time after time so you can test with few variables.
  • Agriculture – From feed to fertiliser, our measuring products will ensure you – or your customers – don’t waste money using more of a product than necessary. Conversely, it also ensures technicians or customers do not use so little of your product (or in the wrong ratio) that it proves ineffective. The compostable nature of our measuring products ensures your environment stays clear of chemicals and micro-plastics, which is essential for many agricultural applications.
  • Cleaning – Some industrial cleaners are potent and can be a hazard to health if not used in carefully measured quantities. Until all cleaning products become environmentally friendly and completely safe, you need to arm cleaning professionals with the best measuring tools to ensure they protect their own health and that of anyone using the space they are cleaning.


The Pet Food Industry

To ensure affordability and healthy pets, pet food customers need to be properly educated on how much to feed their pets a day. One of the best ways to ensure your guidelines are understood and followed is to provide your customers with custom-branded eco-friendly measuring products. Our food-grade measuring products can be printed with custom measures to make your customer experience as good as possible.

Our products can keep your branding in your customer’s hands daily to increase brand loyalty, and custom measures make customer support easy too. From liquid to powder to biscuits (kibble), our measuring products can do it all. Best of all, our products can be made from biopolymers so you can reduce your carbon footprint, that of your customer, and appeal to eco-conscious customers, of which many pet owners are.


Our Pro Measures measuring products and containers are brandable, accurate, durable, and environmentally friendly. To find out more about how we can provide you with Pro Measures products, click here.