Food grade buckets

24 February 2022
Food Grade Buckets

Whenever you prepare food and want to manage or measure everything with ease, it’s a great idea to have the best food-grade buckets available. They help save a lot of time, not to mention you can have accurate measurements every time. What this does is make it easy to avoid any time loss, while making sure everything is prepared according to the initial instructions or product requirements. When you have a commercial food business, accuracy and speed are essential! That’s why having the right tools like accurate food grade buckets can make a huge difference.

Why are food grade buckets a great investment?

The great thing about food grade buckets from Pro-Measures is that they offer clear measurements for every use. You have raised increments to ensure everything is measured appropriately. This can make the difference between having an amazing meal and a not so impressive one or a correctly fed pet day in and day out. Moreover, food-grade buckets are very easy to maneuver. They have a stainless-steel handle, as well as a recessed handgrip. This is great because you receive some incredible results, while also making sure you have complete control over the entire process.

In addition, these food grade buckets are heavy duty. They are designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear. That’s what makes them ideal for commercial use, and it’s also the reason why you are getting a very good return on investment. The anti-spill design is particularly useful since they added a larger freeboard area.

That space between the top of the jug and the liquid helps remove any spillage risks. In an environment where you must tackle a lot of ingredients, it’s extremely important to have such a feature available. Additionally, having the right pouring control can make it easy to use, especially when you are dealing with a lot of rush in a commercial kitchen. Any feature or tool that can help ease the pressure and help improve the cooking process is well worth using.

Different food grade bucket grades to choose from

If you want to buy your own heavy-duty food grade bucket from Pro-Measures, then you have multiple options to choose from. There’s a 10l bucket, but you can also choose to go for a 20l bucket depending on your needs. Both products are made from food-grade polypropylene, and they have a 6 mm handle made out of stainless steel. The 10l bucket comes with a lid as well, whereas the 20l one does not. Additionally, the 20l bucket is higher.

It’s a very good idea to buy your own food-grade buckets today if you’re looking to enhance the overall preparation speed of your operation. With help from these food grade buckets, you can have more pouring control, an accurate measurement system and a stellar anti-spill design. Yes, these products are also heavy-duty and very easy to maneuver as well. Give them a try for yourself right now and you will be amazed at their value, quality and efficiency.

Send the team a message with your food grade bucket needs today! Or get in touch for any custom food-grade measuring options, in addition to buckets, jugs, cylinders and scoops we also offer branded options to suit.