Custom Branded Measuring Cups and Brand Equity?

01 July 2022
Pet Food Braded Jug

Brand equity is one of the most vital factors in having a successful line of products. By having consumers perceive your brand to be of a high commercial value, they’re much more likely to choose your product over competing ones on the market.

Your product could be unique as anything, but if your brand falls short of excellence, another company is sure to swoop in and potentially steal your thunder! Sometimes having a consistent brand for your product is more beneficial to sales than the pricing, which is why it’s essential to get it right.

This is why if you are in the pet food market, you should strongly consider firm branding on your products. At Pro-Measures, we offer a PRO-BRAND customisation service that allows your business to print your logo, company colours and unique measure increments on pet products.

These include measuring scoops, storage buckets, or anything a consumer may require to measure their pet food. Here are some benefits of branding your measuring products:


Reinforce Your Brand:

Every time a consumer goes to use a product, they will be making subconscious connections. For example, when a pet owner goes to measure their pet’s next meal, if no brand is displayed on the measuring product they use, there’s a golden opportunity that has been missed!

With a branded measuring scoop, the consumer will subconsciously connect your product with the pet food industry. That means anytime they see a pet food product or anything related; it’s likely to bring your brand to mind.

Branding your measuring products with our PRO-BRAND service will ensure that your company is at the forefront of consumers’ minds in a simple and non-intrusive way. All it takes is a simple logo!


Your Brand is the Biggest Differentiator:

Let’s be candid for a moment: Pet food products are a dime a dozen. So many companies and brands have their fingers in the pie and having a quality product just isn’t enough. What consumers are likely to be enticed by is a consistent brand.

If your pet food product is matched with a consistently branded measuring product, you’re displaying a sense of professionalism to the consumer. Making you appear as a more trustworthy and solidified brand.

With quality branded measuring products, you can ensure that your consumers see you as a true competitor to other dominating pet food companies. This makes you their first choice when it comes to choosing the right brand to go for.



Consistent branding is the key to great brand equity. Investing in branded measuring products for pet food that are elegantly recognisable as your company will be sure to boost your sales and increase the pervasiveness of your brand.

Look at the variety of custom measuring products we offer on our PRO-BRAND page and contact us to get a quote. We guarantee to print durable, custom designs on your measuring scoops to ensure that your brand is getting the due attention it deserves. Putting your name in your customer’s hands!